Strapmasters is a team of friends in a passion of developing, producing and distributing straps / watches accessories.

Up until the 8th November 2006, Strapmasters was bound in a joint venture with Fabrizio Ciampi / Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli, who have an established experience in mechanically producing straps and shoes.

Strapmasters' relation with Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli has always been maintained on the basis of our beliefs and fidelity in working with one producer only.

In past 2 years, it was evident to us that to enlarge our collection, to bring our customers a product that fully matched their growing expectations, and to differentiate ourselves from an ever growing fierce competitions, we had to research and invest into other production facilities. Only, our commitments was holding us back, and thus all our business's developments stayed 'Projects'

On November 8th 2006, we were verbally informed on the telephone the unexpected, surprising and sudden decision of Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli to terminating its relationship with Strapmasters.

We will soon continue in producing watches straps and accessories by immediately working in setting in actions our anticipated plans.

It will take Strapmasters a while to start again the production of our current and new products. We ask our customers to be patient during our re-structuring period.

We thank Fabrizio Ciampi / Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli for the experience and we wish him good luck in his new and future ventures.

In closing, our aim is to passionately work in developing, producing and distributing the finest watch straps and accessories

Thank you for your patience, and see you sometimes soon.

Ref. Strapmasters Straps (all straps models) Strapmasters' distributors current (and all previous) stock of straps has been officially produced by 'Cuoierie Meccaniche Brelli / Fabrio Ciampi' up until the 20th October 2006 - Strapmasters will take legal actions against any claim that falsely states otherwise.